July and August are fundamental months for the vineyard as the quality and productivity of our harvest is decided. That is why the treatments aimed at improving factors that will be of special interest and that will affect the quality of the bunch and the yield of our plot are fundamental. 

We will focus on products with high percentages of potassium, and biostimulants that help our crop reach the harvest in optimal conditions.

Potassium directly affects favoring production and quality; It intervenes in transport processes and accumulation of reserves in the bunches and other parts of the plant in the form of carbohydrates, which translates into an increase in longevity and a greater resistance to drought and cold. These carbohydrates will turn into sugars, increasing the ºBRIX of the bunch.

A deficiency or lack of potassium manifests as a discoloration of the younger leaves at the edges of the leaves, which begin to coil in the veraison. In extreme cases the premature fall of the leaf can be produced, and it would affect the ripening of the bunch and a correct dry out of the shoot, which would have negative effects in the following sprouting.

We must know the levels of macro and microelements of our plantation and promote an adequate balance between all of them since, in certain cases, very high levels of potassium can cause magnesium deficiencies due to the antagonism existing between them.

Phosphorus intervenes actively in the metabolism of carbohydrates and potentiates the development of roots, increasing resistance to drought; balanced levels of phosphorus significantly cushion the effects of an excess of nitrogen, improve maturation and favor the correct aging of the wood. It is considered a quality factor to obtain balanced musts.

With respect to magnesium, it is part of the active nucleus of chlorophyll, it intervenes in the synthesis of carbohydrates and its lack can cause the emission of “grandchildren” as well as loose clusters with a rickety appearance.

CULTIMAR PLUS is indicated to be applied at any stage of the crop, especially from fruit set, helping the plant to face adverse factors and avoid them in the best possible way.

Its composition, with 88.8% seaweed emulsion is complemented with magnesium, sulfur and boron, which promote photosynthesis and cell division and help overcome conditions of high temperatures and salinity, regulating the osmotic potential of the plant and favoring the absorption of essential nutrients for the plant.

FERTRAZ FRUIT is our star formulation with high percentages of phosphorus and potassium easily assimilable, with which we will improve the summer drought resistance, favor the synthesis of carbohydrates and proteins necessary to reach optimal levels of sugars and obtain fruits with better coloration, size, uniformity and precocity.