High-quality products for agriculture

Cultifort‘s top priority is the manufacturing of high-quality products for agriculture. Cultifort is always seeking for unique and effective formulas that respond to the technical nutritional needs of all types of crops: horticultural, fruit, citrus, olive, vineyard, cereals, industrial crops, professional gardening and green spaces.

Cultifort is committed to chemical excellence in all products achieving formulas of high richness, great stability, and assimilation, as well as maximum thoroughness in all the processes of the company, which is why the ISO 9001 international certification backs us.

Cultifort has leading solutions in the market since the beginning of the company as MICROVITAL – L, with more than three decades as a benchmark in its segment.

Cultifort‘s product range is in continuous improvement and development. Cultifort is also committed to the biological and physiological efficacy of its products, aiming to solve the problems of agriculture that, unfortunately, are also evolving.


Based on this principle, Cultifort has an internal research department and its own methodology, in addition to partnerships with universities and research institutes, both in Spain and abroad.

At Cultifort, we commit to offering products with the highest quality and adapted to the current agriculture. Therefore, we strive to get first-hand knowledge about the problems of crops through a direct consultation in the field. Once the need has been identified, we refer to the most recent scientific research to find a solution.

Our laboratory develops the conceived formula, subjecting it to strict quality controls that meet the requirements and needs of the different countries. We test the effectiveness through tests we carry out in our own experimental fields or collaborating entities.

The result of this rigorous process is a new Cultifort solution with biotechnological excellence.

Cultifort R+D+I STRATEGY


At Cultifort, we are committed to quality, so we apply the highest thoroughness in each of the company’s processes. All the new solutions that we launch to the agricultural market have gone through an exhaustive process of research, control, development, and manufacturing, complying with the most demanding quality standards. This way we obtain formulations of very high richness with great stability, of easy and rapid absorption by the plants.

Since our beginnings, we have focused on solving the problems derived from plant nutrition, such as the correction of seasonal crop deficiencies, as well as the control of certain physiopathies and alterations. In recent years we have developed Natural Defense Biotechnology, its objective is obtaining innovative formulations that enhance the defensive capacity of the plant. This new line of R&D is essential for a new, more sustainable agriculture.


Innovation is an essential tool to solve the new challenges in current agriculture. For this reason, we have different research programs in partnership with Spanish and international universities, such as:

  • The Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain)
  • The University of Huelva (Spain)
  • Odesa I.I. Mechnikov National University (Ucrania)
  • Superior Council of Scientific Investigations (CSIC)
  • University of Murcia

Within the framework of these programs, we address issues such as the development of innovative residue-free products to advance fruit ripening, the search for solutions to achieve greater efficiency in the use of irrigation water, or the study of beneficial microorganisms for soil that increase their fertility, among others.