In Cultifort we are aware of the serious damage caused by the passage of the Gloria storm through the peninsula and how it has affected the crops.

Our proposal as a crop recovery treatment is the application of two biostimulants and a special product, which can be applied in combination with other phytosanitary treatments to be carried out to reduce the infections produced by fungi and bacteria that can penetrate the wounds produced in the fruits and in the bark of the shoots, branches and trunks.



The nutritional solutions that will make the plant stronger to follow its vegetative development are

  • SPIRALIS ECO Long Life, is a bio-protector against abiotic stress factors such as possible anaerobiosis caused by flooding or inundation by heavy rains. It is recommended to apply it every 10-15 days to overcome the stress properly, through foliar application at a rate of 200-300 cc/hl or root application of 5-10 l/ha.

  • FOLITON is especially recommended for the recovery of crops affected by weather changes such as rain and strong winds as it causes physiological stimulation in the plant during the different phases of cultivation. It is recommended to apply it via foliar (200 – 300 ml/hl) or root (6 – 8 l/ha).

  • CULTISiLK is a solution based on potassium and silicon that improves the growth of the plant and reinforces its resistance to environmental factors, boosting the plant’s defences. In addition, CULTISiLK reduces the humidity of the atmosphere and this way the proliferation of pathogenic fungi in the environment is avoided what is very important especially after the strong rains and consequently the relative humidity in the atmosphere. It is applied foliarly at a rate of 200-500 cc/hl.

  • OXIFORT + CULTISOL. Oxifort is a solid formulation of fine granules that when diluted in water slowly and continuously releases oxygen, improving air and water circulation and facilitating the development of the root system and the plant. The waterlogging caused by heavy rains can cause root asphyxiation and OXIFORT avoids it. Combined with CULTISOL it contributes to increase its disinfectant action through the formation of organic peroxyacids.

With the combination of these nutrients, the crops would be offered a shock and recovery treatment to continue their development in a normal way after the strong meteorological stresses caused by wind and rain during the last days.