The agricultural campaign 2018/2019 starts with good prospects in the sector and with clear increase in the amount of pepper and zucchini compared to the previous season.

Although in certain areas of the region the beginning of the campaign is moving forward more frequently, in some cases from the middle of August with the aim of satisfying the demand of the European market, September is the month that marks the beginning of the entry into production in a generalized way. This campaign, as it has been a trend in response to market demand, has a clear objective in the production process: “zero waste” in the crops of the west of Almeria.

Figure 1: Area of organic vegetables in Almería during the 2016-2017 campaigns. Source: CAPDER. Elaboration: Hortoinfo

The main customers of northern Europe are increasingly demanding, not only in the quality of the product, but also in the controls they subject to the production companies in the search for products without any trace of phytosanitary products. This fact is forcing to reduce the use of phytosanitary products and the range of active materials to be used in the different crops. Thus, it is easy to understand the significant increase in the area devoted to organic farming and the incipient need for products that allow a correct development of the crop without this signifying a decrease in productivity and the quality of the harvest.

Cultifort is aware of this trend, and we have been working for years with Grupo Tecniagro, distributor of our products in Almeria, with the aim of satisfying the needs of our customers and providing effective solutions to the challenge of adapting to regulations or trends, which are more restrictive every time.

Biostimulants such as BVC 2021 and the new Spiralis ECO Long Life encompass a new concept of “Natural Defensive Biotechnology” and allow an optimal development of our crops by reducing the use of phytosanitary products.

How do these products work?

BVC 2021 is a liquid formulation in which the joint action of amino acids, nitrogen, reducing sugars and marine algae favors the synthesis of proteins and carbohydrates and promotes the initiation of the physiological activity of the plant, stimulates the formation of leaves and flowers, improves the quality of the fruits and advances maturation. In addition, it increases the resistance to low temperatures and adverse weather conditions.

We recommend foliar applications of 200cc / hl in pre-flowering, falling petals and in case of low temperatures.

Figure 2: BVC 2021 in 5 liters and 1 liter.

SPIRALIS ECO Long Life is a fertilizer solution containing phosphorus, potassium and zinc in chelated form, together with a complex of organic acids and selected peptides related to green and red algae, which facilitate their assimilation by the plant systemically, both ascending as descending and enhance the bioprotective effect against various abiotic factors.

It promotes precursors of the plant’s natural defenses by inducing structural changes in its cell walls that accelerate the processes of lignification, constituting in this way a physical barrier against abiotic stress. This indirectly implies a lower incidence of certain diseases and viruses.

We recommend applications every 15-20 days, when there are situations of risk, to prevent and overcome abiotic stress conditions (rain, excess humidity, drought, adverse temperatures, salinity, etc.).


– Foliar: 300 cc / hl (3 l / ha)

– Radicular: 5l / ha

Figure 3: SPIRALIS ECO Long Life in 5 liters and 1 liter.

The use of these products together with the adequate technical support for the management of our plantation will make us have healthy and well protected crops from the first stages of development and reach a more productive maturity avoiding the maximum use of phytosanitary products.