Cultifort has worked together with its partner AGROGAL, and with the University of Huelva in the study of strawberry and raspberry.

In the case of strawberry cultivation, the efficacy of Cultifort solutions such as FASKOLOR and BVC 2021, formulations that enhance the synthesis of anthocyanins, responsible for red coloring in strawberries and blue in other berries, were evaluated. In the field trial carried out by the University of Huelva an increase in coloration and size was observed in the treated fruits, which were subjected to stress conditions such as low temperatures, humidity, weak light radiation, which affect the amount, size and color of the fruits.


Based on the results obtained, it is concluded that FASKOLOR and BVC 2021 have enhanced an increase in the intensity of color of strawberry fruits at the time of collection. This increase in coloration is more evident when the climatic conditions are more adverse (cold / humidity / lack of luminosity), and it diminishes as the campaign progresses and these climatic conditions improve.

The combination of FASKOLOR and BVC 2021 shows an increase in the size of the fruit during the test period and does not significantly affect the concentration of soluble solids, nor the consistency of the fruit, therefore, the quality of the fruit is maintained.

The application of FASKOLOR + BVC 2021 allows, during the moments of unfavorable climatic conditions (cold / humidity / lack of luminosity), obtain bigger fruits and with more intense coloration.


Cultifort through his partner made a test in which it was proved that using SPIRALIS Long Life the postharvest life of the raspberry is excellent, extending its duration in optimal conditions.

The trial consisted of treating 4 plots and leaving one as a witness. For 9 days they evolved differently and finally it was appreciated as SPIRALIS Long Life clearly offers the best postharvest life. Graphic results:

Watch vídeo trial: click here