Antonio Hernández is an organic pear tomato and cucumber farmer from Almeria, with a 14,000 square meter farm in the ‘Los Pelaos’ area, Níjar. Hernández has offered FHALMERIA his point of view after using Cultifort products for the first time for their organic cultivation, and he insistently recommends the following: the SPIRALIS ECO Long Life biostimulant, the MANZIFORT zinc and manganese deficiency corrector, and CULTISANO Cu , a formulation based on chitosan, a polymer with multiple properties, with chelated copper, framed within the family of Special Products.

Alicia Martínez, Cultifort technical delegate in the Levante area, and José Gómez, technician of the Tecniagro Group (distribution company), have visited the farm of Antonio, producer of organic pear tomato and cucumber, who assures that “so far Cultifort products are offering me an optimal response”. Antonio himself points out that he has recently had a mildew problem in his cucumber plantation, and the application of CULTISANO Cu has completely eradicated this disease.

Productos Cultifort para una agricultura ecológica están ofreciendo una respuesta óptima.

What crops do you handle under organic production?

This farm has a total of 14,000 square meters, and they are distributed in 9,000 of pear tomato and 5,000 of cucumber. I have been making tomato and cucumber for three seasons, although I complement it with zucchini in some seasons. Then in spring I also grow watermelon.


Why did you decide to be an organic producer and since when?

It comes from a family tradition. My father was the one who started and certified it 16 years ago, with which we have a long journey in organic production. I am the second generation and I believe that we must continue betting on the ecological, which I believe is the future.


What are the key points for an organic cultivation in optimal conditions?

I believe that in order to run a greenhouse of organic production the most important thing is prevention. It is essential to act in advance before any problem that may affect the plantation. On the other hand, you have to take into account what products you use, because everyone wants to sell you products, but not many are worth it. You must know how to coordinate everything very well and find people who will advise you well. Because organic farming is not like conventional farming, it is much more difficult.


From your point of view, what is the greatest difficulty in ecological management?

The biggest problem that organic producers have are pests and plant health. If the plant is strong and healthy, success is practically guaranteed, that is why the plant nutrition of the plant is very important from the beginning. Whoever cannot ensure a clean and healthy plantation will be doomed to failure.


What products would you highlight from the Cultifort “Ecological Solutions” line?

The three that I have tried this year have liked me a lot and they are responding very well, just looking at the crops you can observe it. They are the SPIRALIS ECO Long Life biostimulant, the MANZIFORT deficiency corrector, and the CULTISANO Cu bioprotector.


Would you recommend these products to a farmer who wants to start producing organic farming?

Of course, today I would recommend the use of the Organic Cultifort products. They are well formulated products, of a high quality, and so far  they achieve their objectives. Look at the plants, they are healthy. The only incidence I have had this season was mildew problems in my cucumber plantation, and the application of CULTISANO Cu in only two passes completely eradicated this disease. The downy mildew in organic cucumber is a very serious problem, it is one of the worst things that can happen to you, it is devastating with the plant, and the truth is that it has been controlled very well.


What would you highlight about SPIRALIS ECO Long Life? What response do you see in the crop?
SPIRALIS ECO Long Life makes the plant have great vigor, drive and strength. Furthermore, as José Gómez, a technician at the Tecniagro Group, points out, “SPIRALIS ECO Long Life provides resistance and strength to the plant, without lengthening the internodes, and guarantees a bioprotective effect against certain abiotic adversities”.


How do you rate your experience with MANZIFORT?
It is an amendment and corrector. It has worked phenomenally for me, especially after the transplant, when the heat begins and the plant is more deregulated, and it does its job perfectly. In my case, before applying this product the plant was yellowish, and those deficiencies have been solved with MANZIFORT.


Have you had a problem mixing?

No. The technician, José Gómez, has recommended the necessary products to me, and all of them are compatible. Cultifort products have the necessary quality filters so that these issues do not pose any problem. It should be noted that the coordination and anticipation between the manufacturer and the distributor has been very good so that I can apply the appropriate products at all times.


Would you recommend Cultifort products?

Sin ninguna duda. Me parecen productos de primerísima calidad. Te juegas mucho, te juegas la campaña y hay mucho dinero de por medio por lo que tienes que saber reaccionar, anticiparte y asegurarte una buena cosecha. Si echas un producto que no te va a funcionar, te has jugado la campaña, entonces no puedes confiar en cualquier cosa.


Would you recommend Cultifort products?

Without any doubt. I find products of the highest quality. You have a high risk with your season, the full campaign can be ruined and there is a lot of money involved so you have to know how to react, anticipate and ensure a good harvest. If you apply a product that is not going to work for you, you have ruined the whole campaign, then you just cannot rely on anything.

Productos Cultifort para una agricultura ecológica están ofreciendo una respuesta óptima.


Source: FHAlmería