Amedment & Correctors

Specific Features

It is a specific corrector of iron chlorosis in: citrus trees, fruit trees, vineyards, vegetables, ornamentals, etc…

It is a special formulation as chelate EDDHA iron that allows it to be in shape and therefore be assimilable form by the plants once it is on the ground until it is absorbed by the roots. It shows the greening growth of vegetation after one to two weeks.


Correction and prevention of iron deficiency through the element chelated with EDDHA, showing stability in the pH range between 5 and 11.

Application and Dose

Apply at the beginning of the vegetative activity, dissolved in water in any system that puts the product in contact with the roots, locating it via furrow or soil injections, drip irrigation, spray, tape, etc..

It can also apply via foliar when the sprouts are developed.


Fruit, citrus, etc..
– Newly planted 3-5 g/plant.
– Start of production 15-25 g/plant.
– Average size 25-50 g/plant.
– Large trees 50-100 g/plant.
– Newly planted 3-5 g/plant.
– In full production 5-10 g/plant.
Vegetables: 1-5 g/m2.

Foliar: 100 cc/Hl.