If we want to boost earlier ripening in industrial’s tomatoes and peppers, it is essential that we ensure using a quality, safe product, that provides everything necessary to achieve an adequate improvement without spoiling the final result of the harvest. In this sense, FASKOLOR is one of the most interesting options, with the guarantee of working with a complete formula to boost earlier ripening and homogenize the coloring of the fruits. It is a formulation without waste and above all efficient.

The principal aim of FASKOLOR

The first thing we have to consider is the aim of FASKOLOR ; which is a product specifically designed to improve and boost earlier fruiting.

Boosting the earlier ripening of our fruits will benefit us by being able to open the sale of our crop in advance and, therefore, taking advantage of the best prices. But, in addition, FASKOLOR can also be a good alternative in those cases in which the production cycles have been affected with the delay of fruit ripening or in those crops that often have problems when it comes to achieving commercial requested coloration.

Another advantage of using this solution is the fact that we will achieve uniform maturation. The maturation homogenization is an important detail to ensure that we can optimize the harvesting process by avoiding making different passes that often lead us to lose an important part of our benefits.

To guarantee that we will obtain a quality fruit at an optimum time, FASKOLOR is presented in a solution of liquid consistency that is formulated with potassium, select peptide complexes and organic acids.

It should be noted that thanks to its flexibility, FASKOLOR adapts to all types of crops, achieving the best possible results.

How does FASKOLOR work?

FASKOLOR provides quality nutrients and acts with special attention to potassium, essential in fruit ripening, which is improved thanks to the specific peptide complexes contained in the formulation which achieve early and controlled ripening.

Maturation with FASKOLOR occurs from a totally natural perspective, which guarantees the final product quality, that is, even if we proceed with ripening, we will obtain the desired thickness, color, texture and flavor and with the complete peace of mind that we are making a quality product without waste.

The FASKOLOR formulation contains organic acids that substantially improve the transport of nutrients and sugars to the fruit.

There is a very important characteristic of FASKOLOR to take into account, which allows it to be distinguished among most of the products that we can find in the market, which is the fact that we are talking about a solution formulated only with the nutritional elements that benefit the plant , without hormones or compounds that alter its final quality. It achieves the same results as these substances, but using a natural product and without waste, ideal for responsible agriculture and with the highest quality assurance.

FASKOLOR application dose:

In order to obtain a good result, it is essential to ensure that you make a proper application.

Both foliar and root application can be considered, with the appropriate doses that allow obtaining the product’s best results at all times, which will be 3 applications with the following doses:

  • Foliar dosage: between 250 and 400 cc per Hl.
  • Root dosage: between 3 and 5 liters per Ha.

Following these dosages, we can totally guarantee that we will obtain an earlier fruit and with all the quality that we want to guarantee for the final consumer.