Objetivo Desarrollo Sostenible 2 - Hambre cero

The world population is constantly growing and requires enough food to supply it. The food sector and the agricultural sector offer key solutions for development and are vital to the elimination of hunger and poverty. Well-managed agriculture can provide nutritious food for the entire planet, as well as generate decent income, support people-centered development in the countryside, and protect the environment.

But right now, our soils, oceans, forests and our drinking water and biodiversity are undergoing a rapid process of degradation due to overexploitation processes.

Added to this is climate change, which affects the resources we depend on and increases the risks associated with natural disasters such as droughts and floods.

Investments in agriculture are crucial to increase agricultural productive capacity and sustainable food production systems are necessary to help alleviate the difficulties of hunger.

Due to our farmers’ DNA, we have always had as a priority the maximization of agricultural production, as well as the reduction of losses and non-commercial fruits.

In addition, our solutions are very useful for agricultural practices, increasing productivity and productions, as well as activating the natural defense mechanisms of plants, and avoiding or reducing as much as possible, the use of more aggressive products with the environment.

Objetivo Desarrollo Sostenible 2 - Hambre cero