The legal framework for organic production in the European Union is established through:

  • Council Regulation (EC) 834/2007 of June 28, 2007, on the production and labeling of organic products and repealing Regulation (EEC) 2092/91. In this Regulation, ecological production is defined as a general system of agricultural management and food production that combines best environmental practices, a high level of biodiversity, the preservation of natural resources, the application of demanding standards on animal welfare and a production that complies to the preferences of the recipients for the products they receive from natural substances and processes. Thus, ecological production methods to the protection of the environment, animal welfare and rural development.
  • Commission Regulation (EC) 889/2008, of September 5, 2008, establishing provisions for the application of Council Regulation (EC) 834/2007, with respect to organic production, its labeling and its control . It indicates that organic plant production is based on plant nutrition with nutrients that come mainly from the edaphic ecosystem.

From Cultifort’s R&D department and as experts in plant nutrition, throughout our more than 35 years of experience, we have been developing a series of certified products as inputs for use in Organic Agriculture, focused on improving fertility of the soil, the growth and development of plants and the activation of their natural defensive system. All our products comply with a fundamental premise, respect for the environment, based on the philosophy of “Zero waste” and with the firm commitment to offer the farmer the highest quality and wealth in our formulations.

Within our range of Amendments and Correctors of deficiencies, MICROVITAL – L is an organic bioactivator of vegetable origin rich in magnesium and micronutrients whose formulation includes organic complexes and flavonoid molecules. It is designed to activate the soil microbiota and improve its physical-chemical parameters. In addition to avoiding the main deficiencies of microelements and magnesium, it improves the clay-humic complex, the cation exchange capacity (CIC) and increases the C / N ratio, and with all this, the availability of nutrients and soil fertility. Infiltration and water retention is also favored, as is soil porosity and air circulation.

CULTIMAR plus is our ecological alternative as a biostimulant for plant growth and development based on algae. It is a highly rich alginic emulsion that contains natural phytohormones, essential oils, sugars, proteins, mineral salts and vitamins, which contribute to improving plant development and production, stimulating the root system and overcoming stressful situations. Thanks to its formulation with sulfur, magnesium and boron, it helps to maintain high photosynthesis rates and improve fruit ripening.

Within our innovative R&D line “Natural Defensive Biotechnology”, we can find:

SPIRALIS ECO Long Life, a fertilizer solution that, together with a complex of selected organic acids and peptides, related to green and red algae, facilitate their assimilation by the plant and enhance the bioprotective effect against various stress factors, accelerating the lignification of cell walls through the accumulation of calose and lignin and activating the mechanisms of systemic resistance against pathogens.

CULTINET ECO is a formulation based on complexed boron and natural organic acids that give it a fourfold effect as: nutrient, cleaner, wetting and anti-insects. In addition to providing boron, which helps lignify plant tissues, it has a soap effect with a high capacity to eliminate molasses, thus preventing the development of saprophytic fungi (bold). Thanks to its moisturizing effect, it has the ability to soften the shells of pests and to enhance the action of plant protection agents. Its special formulation process as a nutritional product, guarantees that it does not contain any toxic substance and does not present a safety period after its application.

CULTISANO and CULTISANO Cu are liquid formulations of chitosan, a natural polymer derived from the shell of crustaceans with eliciting and biostimulant properties, which contribute to the growth and development of plants, strengthen their root system and improve rooting and the activation of their self-defense against to pathogens. CULTISANO incorporates free amino acids in its formulation, while CULTISANO Cu has chelated copper. It is also indicated to prevent fruit rot and improve its post-harvest life.

At Cultifort we work for and for agriculture, with a firm commitment to respect the environment, guaranteeing the sustainability of our production systems and guaranteeing the highest quality of our formulated as biodegradable, non-toxic and bioactive products.