With the arrival of heat, it is very important that we pay attention to the different fattening treatments of the fruit, which we must consider in order to obtain a major improvement in the results of the harvest, and for it we will give a series of recommendations that you can start this summer.

Improve the fattening of fruit in summer

When we deal with a crop that has already begun to deliver fruit, it is very important to ensure that it has all the necessary nutritional resources to reach the maximum possible caliber guaranteeing the quality of the product. For it we have to achieve a good combination that allows us to obtain a much more productive crop.

The premise in these cases is always to achieve major improvements for the final product, among which we can highlight an improvement in the appearance and durability of the fruit, an earlier ripening, we will achieve the improvement we need in terms of color, and of course also an increase in size.

What resources are essential to achieve the best results?

There are several resources that can help us achieve our goal, but among all of them, we want to highlight three that are going to be the basic essential for our harvest, which are the following:

  1. Use bio-stimulants with amino acids for curdling and fattening

We start by recommending the use of bio-stimulants, which will help us from different perspectives.

First of all, it is a fantastic way to achieve a major improvement in the assimilation of nutrients, also maximizing the effect of the phytosanitary products that we are using.

In addition, it is also a key element when it comes to preventing and even overcoming any stress situation that has fallen on our crop.

All this leads to a greater stimulation of the plant, which means that we will achieve an earlier ripening as well as a product with higher quality.

A good example of a bio-stimulant is the BVC 2021.

BVC 2021 is an exceptional bio-stimulant due to its versatility; favors the synthesis of proteins and carbohydrates, promotes the initiation of the physiological activity of the plant, stimulates the formation of leaves and flowers, improves the quality of the fruits and promotes early ripening. Increases the resistance of the plant in adverse weather conditions.

During the fruition season in summer its application is very convenient, as it increases the quality of the fruits and advances the ripening.

  1. Do not forget the amendments and correctors

In addition to enhancing the qualities and resources available to our crop, it is also important to make use of the amendments and correctors.

These manage to increase the capacity of the plant when assimilating nitrogen, calcium and potassium, as well as other cations.

As you can see, all this will allow us to achieve four main benefits that will be the following:

  • Increase the resistance in the tissues of the fruit.
  • Avoid the appearance of alterations.
  • Increase the durability of the fruit.
  • Achieve greater strength

In this section, AMINOPLEX CALCIO stands out, a very effective alternative that will guarantee the best results. AMINOPLEX CALCIO manages to obtain these results thanks to a complete mixture of calcium and amino acids that create the perfect bond to offer these substantial improvements from the start.

3 . A suitable mixture for fruition

Third, we have the supplement through which we will achieve a better fruition.

So far, with the two previous supplements, BVC 2021 and AMINOPLEX CALCIO, we would have achieved a very major improvement in terms of the quality of the fruit and the advancement of ripening, but if we want the perfect mixture, then it is important to also have the compound that will help us to improve fruition.

In this sense, there are two nutrients that are phosphorus and potassium, which are going to be essential if we want to enjoy a good quality fruit, since they make up a very important piece in the development of the plant and in its capacity to transport energy, synthesize fructose and proteins among many others.

For this reason, at the moment when the fruit begins to shape, it is ideal to be able to provide an extra of these compounds, and improve the size, appearance and uniformity, as well as the color of the fruit, but also to achieve a better quality that we can enjoy at the time of harvest.

In this case, the alternative that allows us a perfect dosage for fruition is FERTRAZ FRUIT de Cultifort, a liquid formula of phosphorus and potassium easily assimilated.

Considering these three products, we will have the guarantee that our next crop will enjoy a very major improvement in every way, thus achieving the desired satisfaction.