Rice is a crop that usually occurs in flooded coastal areas where there are a number of limitations: On the one hand, marine intrusion in aquifers causes the rise of salts to the surface, negatively affecting health, quality and the productivity of the harvest. On the other hand, anaerobic algae can proliferate, hindering the good development of the crop. In this article we discuss the advantages of treatment with CULTIMAR PLUS, CULTIFORT MIX and OXIFORT against these limitations.

For the crop to recover from the harmful effects of salinity, due to marine intrusion, from Cultifort we recommend the application of CULTIMAR PLUS, an ecological fertilizer based on an emulsion of marine algae (88.8% w / v) sulfur and magnesium. Seaweed provides a large amount of vitamins, essential fatty acids, sugars, proteins, minerals and cytokinins. Its special formulation allows a substantial improvement in the ability of plants to cope with stress situations, such as salinity in rice fields.

The application of CULTIMAR PLUS contributes to improve the rooting, improving the godson of the plant and protecting it from salt stress.

On the left we see an image taken on June 5, 2018 in which the high electrical conductivity of the water (EC: 4 mS / cm) impeded the good godson and root development of the plant. In the image on the right, taken on June 11, 2018, we see how after the treatment with CULTIMAR PLUS the plant overcame the salt stress, satisfactorily developing the roots and the good godson.

The soils of rice fields are usually clayey, with an alkaline pH that insolubilizes large amounts of nutrients, especially trace elements, such as iron, copper, manganese or zinc, essential for a large number of plant enzymes, proteins that are responsible for making vital functions for the vegetable. From Cultifort we recommend the application of CULTIFORT MIX to correct the nutritional deficiencies of soils with loose structures and high electrical conductivity.

CULTIFORT MIX is an ecological formula of microgranules very soluble in water, which contains high concentrations of essential microelements (boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc) in the form of high efficiency chelates and complexes.

Ricefield treated with CULTIMAR PLUS and CULTIFORT MIX.

In the rice fields the algae find optimal conditions for their growth, preventing the good development of the crop. Sometimes, they reach such a development that they are able to compete with the cultivation of rice, blocking the light and growing to the point of physically preventing the rice from emerging from the water surface, which ends up causing a high rate of mortality among plants.

These algae grow especially fast under reducing conditions, that is, with low or no oxygen concentrations, being the same harmful for its development.

For this we recommend OXIFORT, a product that releases oxygen in contact with water, which performs two functions:

  1. Destruction of algae and inhibition of their development.
  2. Improvement of the development of the plants thanks to a greater availability of oxygen in the roots.

In the image we see the comparison of the control plot (left) in front of the plot treated with OXIFORT (right). OXIFORT controlled approximately 85% of the surface.