When spring arrives, the physiological processes that originate a growth in thickness and length of branches and trunk, and the successive appearance of the different phenological stages related to development, begin to take place intensely in fruit and citrus. In each of them, the plant will have different environmental and nutritional requirements. In this article we focus on the importance of manganese and zinc at this stage and recommend the application of MANZIFORT.

In preflower stage we found the floral organ with some states like swollen, mouse ear, green bud, red bud and ball stage.


The main function of manganese, in the plant, is the activation of enzymes responsible for important metabolic processes. This is absorbed as an Mn +2 ion, by the roots and leaves, through a process that demands energy.

During the process of flower formation, manganese intervenes in pollen germination and pollen tube growth.

Manganese deficiency is a limiting factor in acid soils with a high organic content. The initial symptoms of its deficiency are an internervial chlorosis, in both young and old leaves, associated with chlorotic spots that subsequently become necrotic.

For its part, zinc activates the enzymes responsible for the synthesis of certain proteins. It is used in the formation of chlorophyll and some carbohydrates, and in the conversion of starches into sugars; its presence in the foliar tissue helps the plants to resist the low temperatures. It is fundamental in the formation of auxins, which contribute to the regulation of the development and the elongation of the stem.

Zinc is absorbed as a Zn+2 ion, in the chelate form most commonly. Its availability is higher in soils with acidic pH.

In the formation of the flower, zinc favors the formation and viability of pollen.

The characteristic symptoms of Zinc deficiency are the internervial discoloration of the middle part of the plant, decrease in the growth of the leaves and shortening of the internodes, producing dwarfing of the plant. These symptoms are easy to detect in fruit trees.

In the pre-bloom stage we recommend the foliar application of BVC 2021 (0.2%) + FOLIQUINO (0.3%), and MANZIFORT (0.3%). This combination prepares the plant for flowering, a phase in which a large amount of energy is consumed.

MANZIFORT is a liquid formulation rich in manganese and zinc chelated with EDTA, polycarboxylic acids and reducing sugars. The reducing sugars favor the absorption of Mn and Zn through the green organs of the plants.

MANZIFORT has the certification for its use in organic agriculture (CAAE) and leaves no residue.

Ease of application, speed of action and efficiency, are the main features achieved with MANZIFORT, the simultaneous corrector of manganese and zinc, deficiencies that are usually associated in many crops, being convenient to control them together.