Long Life


SPIRALIS Long Life is a highly tech biostimulant, with specifically selected peptides, related to red (Gelidium) and green (Spirulina) microalgae, which promote the defensive response of vegetables on several fronts.


The peptides specifically selected for the product, as well as the organic acids it contains, promote the rapid synthesis of defense molecules such as: PR Proteins, Thionins, Phytoalexins and other Phenylpropanoids.

In addition, other beneficial metabolic pathways, such as acquired systemic resistance (SAR and LAR), are activated.


Foliar application: 200 to 300 cc / hl every 10-15 days in horticultural, in woody plants every 10-15 days when there are situations of risk (rain or excess humidity and moderate temperatures) or periodically to keep the plants healthy and strong.

Root application: 3-5 l / ha in horticulture, 7-10 l / ha in woody plants, at the same time that is applied via foliar.