As usual in recent years, thousands of orange and mandarin trees have been left unharvested, leaving the fruit to fall to the ground for the costs involved in paying to collect it. But the fruit that remains in the tree has an inhibiting effect on the sprouting of spring can have a negative effect on the next harvest. In this article we explain the benefits of the treatment with our biostimulant BVC 2021 to achieve a more satisfactory sprouting.

The sprouting of spring and the later flowering are key physiological processes in the citrus fruit to reach greater productive efficiency and of quality of the fruit, when dealing with of the first stages of the productive process.

The factors that influence sprouting are, on the one hand, the species and variety of the citrus in question, the climate, the quantity and time of permanence of the fruit in the tree. This last factor is the one that has the greatest influence on sprouting and, therefore, on the subsequent flowering.

The presence of fruits in the tree promotes the synthesis of gibberellins and their transport to the buds, preventing sprouting and altering their differentiation. In this way the flowering is also inhibited, being inversely related to the time of permanence of the fruit in the tree. On the other hand, the presence of unharvested fruits also brings problems due to depletion and reduction of reserves for the next production.

For all this, spring budding is the most important moment of the beginning of the new cultivation cycle, and therefore it is highly recommended that after the throwing of the fruit in the soil stimulating solutions are applied.

In this sense, in Cultifort we have BVC 2021, a biostimulant whose complete and interesting composition based on free amino acids, nitrogen, potassium, seaweed and reducing sugars makes it a very versatile product that offers multiple possibilities of use, favoring the development of the plants in all their phenological stages.

The joint action of amino acids, nitrogen and reducing sugars favors the synthesis of proteins and carbohydrates and promotes the initiation of the physiological activity of the plant, stimulates the formation of leaves and flowers, improves the quality of the fruits and advances the maturation. Increases resistance to low temperatures and adverse weather conditions.

In addition, marine algae included in BVC 2021 contain mineral salts, vitamins, essential oils, proteins and traces of cytokinins; essential in the cell division and formation of new tissues, with important participation in the synthesis of proteins. They have influence on apical dominance, exert a multifactorial control in flowering and delay foliar senescence. It participates in the process of the maturation of the fruits, they can influence in the coloration of the same ones due to its content in carotenoids.

BVC 2021

BVC 2021 stimulates healthy and vigorous citrus sprouting, with the aim of achieving a good and balanced first flowering, improving the quality of the fruits.


  • Prefloración, BVC 2021 will contribute to the obtaining of a greater number of flower buds and to that these are more viable.
  • In flowering, BVC 2021 increases the viability of pollen and ovaries, improving fruit set.


The recommended dose in this phenological stage is 200 cc/hL

It also presents an excellent synergy with FOLIQUINO, a certified product for Organic Agriculture by the CAAE, based on aluminum lignosulfonate with manganese and zinc.




This combination, applied at the beginning of flowering, notably increases the number of leaves and flowers, being an effective procedure for the control of problems of alternating production.

The application rate in this stage is 200 cc / hl of BVC 2021 + 400 cc / hl of FOLIQUINO.

Following these recommendations will be able to achieve a proper sprouting and flowering that will contribute to achieve greater and uniform yields.