The fall of leaves of the trees during the autumn months, announces the arrival of the cold and, therefore, comes the vegetative rest. It is time to winter, days are short and temperatures drop. During this period of lethargy the plants slow down their growth, even stopping it completely according to species.

Many fruit trees and citrus fruits need to accumulate cold hours in their buds, to be able to sprout and bloom in the following spring.

So that the trees come out healthy and strong from the winter, and obtain fruit of good caliber, with high sugar index and better quality parameters, the nutritional and phytosanitary status of our trees must be ideal, and this starts from the root.

The winter rest period usually takes place between February and March, depending on the geographical area and the type of soil. At this moment the roots of the trees begin to demand food, and therefore, the vegetative cycle is restarted. Therefore, it is time to apply solutions that activate the soil and facilitate root absorption of nutrients by plants.


MICROVITAL-L is a liquid fertilizer with magnesium, microelements and high concentration in flavonoid molecules, the result of an arduous task of research to offer an innovative product that stands out from those existing in the market based on humic materials.

The product has the Certification of the Andalusian Committee of Ecological Agriculture (CAAE).


  1. On the one hand, MICROVITAL-L provides magnesium, important for the process of photosynthesis, and micronutrients such as Boron, Iron, Manganese and Zinc. In this way, an improvement in the vegetation and a notable decrease in microelement deficiencies are observed in the plant, which results in a greater harvest and of the highest quality.
  1. On the other hand, thanks to MICROVITAL-L it improves the absorption of the nutrients present in the soil, due to the effect of the flavonoid molecules contained in its formulation, in the germination of spores and root colonization of certain mycorrhizal fungi. The poliflavonoid complexes, contained in MICROVITAL-L, are highly active physically, chemically and biologically. In addition to being able to sequester the trace elements inside, poliflavonoids provide the plant with the pillars for the synthesis of phenolic substances, promoting greater resistance to disease and stress.
  1. Finally, applying MICROVITAL-L favors the structure and fertility of the soil. Poliflavonoids have the ability to mobilize the existing ions in the soil, increasing the cation exchange capacity of the same, improving fertility. In addition, the organic content of MICROVITAL-L helps to make compact floors more spongy and to improve the texture of excessively loose soils, which tends to bring the soil to the optimum texture. The demanding quality controls of Cultifort make MICROVITAL-L a clean product with great water solubility, being able to be used in horticulture and arboriculture; and in any irrigation mode.

After the winter rest of the fruit and citrus fruits, it is recommended the application of MICROVITAL-L to favor the activation of the root system, preparing the crop to start spring budding. From this moment it is advisable to apply MICROVITAL-L at a dose of 60 to 120 l / ha distributed in two or three applications.

In this way we will be able to obtain, from the root, a healthy crop without deficiencies and with a production of high quantity and quality, which leads to remarkably improve the profitability of the harvest.