In this autumn season, it is crucial to focus on actions that prevent and treat specific fungal diseases that can affect the olive crop. We are referring to threats such as leaf spot, tuberculosis, anthracnose, olive scab, scale, and sooty mold, which can seriously impact the health of our olive trees and the quality of their fruit.

To ensure that our olive trees are in their best condition during this season, we must understand that it is not just about applying fungicidal products like copper or silicon in isolation. The key is to implement a comprehensive strategy that combines the use of effective products on a recurring basis and proper fertilization to help prevent and treat these diseases.

The Pillar of Healthy Olives

Fertilization plays a crucial role in the health of your olive trees. A precise nutritional plan based on highly soluble potash inputs is essential. Potash is an essential nutrient that influences the nutrient balance and can help strengthen your olive trees to resist diseases. By providing the right amount of potash, you are improving the resilience of your trees and, ultimately, the quality of the olives they produce.

The term autumn treatment is one you’ve likely heard before. This treatment is carried out when temperatures begin to cool, and relative humidity remains high, usually coinciding with autumn rains. It is a standard recommendation to be performed when leaf spot is visible or when the incidence of the disease exceeds the 1% threshold.

Fertilization and Treatment: A Winning Combination

Fertilization and autumn treatment go hand in hand. By applying the treatment during the hours of highest relative humidity on the leaves, you ensure maximum nutrient absorption and the effectiveness of fungicidal products. Fertilization prepares your olive trees to resist diseases and ensures they are in optimal condition during the autumn season.

At Cultifort, we understand the importance of these autumn treatments and proper fertilization. That’s why we offer products with guaranteed results. Some of our options include:

Autumn olive tree products - BANNER

Cuviol Plus: The best in copper, generation after generation.
Amacol: High-quality amino acids.
Ferkolor: High concentration of potash with maximum absorption.

Our goal is to help you achieve excellent olive trees, increasing the productivity, profitability, and sustainability of your environment.

Let’s take care of our olive trees and make sure they continue to improve during the autumn season. We encourage you to learn more about our products and discover how they can help you maintain your olive trees in their best condition. Don’t hesitate to get detailed information about Cuviol Plus, Amacol, and Ferkolor to optimize the health of your olive trees and achieve exceptional olive quality.


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