The treatments based on phytosanitary, herbicides, foliar fertilizers or biostimulants are essential for the correct development of the plants. Far from being an expense that is added to other agricultural practices by all accepted as essential, they suppose a substantial improvement of the global health of the crops, with the consequent increase in the performance of these.

In a sector in continuous growth and increasingly technified agriculture, for years there has been a wide range of products available to us and, in many cases, we try to maximize the efficiency in our farm by making foliar applications with different products in one same tub of treatment.

It is vital to know the operation of the products that are to be mixed, their pH’s, possible incompatibilities between them, etc. for this reason a good technical advice is essential. However, with certain precautions such as the use of pH regulators, wetting agents and a correct order of entry of the products to be mixed, we can avoid unpleasant surprises such as the formation of precipitates, nozzle clogging, etc. and increase the effectiveness of our treatments, saving time and money.

In the continuous search for more complete solutions and with different functionalities in a single product, Cultifort recommends the use of NEUTROpHORT PLUS.

How does NEUTROpHORT PLUS work?

It is a triple action product, since the nutritional function of the nitrogen in its formula is added to its regulating effect of pH and its wetting and coadjuvant effect. By reducing the pH of the broth it improves its adherence, facilitates its assimilation by the plant and significantly improves the persistence on the plant and its effectiveness.

The recommended dose is 100-150 cc / hl of broth, which makes its use even more interesting due to the reduced cost involved in relation to the increase in the quality of the treatment.

What other factors should we take into account when making the mixes in the treatment tank?

  • It is important to know the pH of the water and each product, since in the mixture we must first pour the most acidic (lowest pH) and last the most basic (highest pH).
  • Some foliar and nutritional fertilizers notably modify the pH of the broth. In this case it is necessary to put this type of products first, correct the pH with NEUTROpHORT PLUS until it is neutral (pH 7) and then continue with the recommended order.
  • We must not mix products that have limitations or prohibitions of mixtures collected in their labels. In case of doubts about the physical-chemical and / or biological compatibility of any of the products to be mixed, contact the manufacturing company or make a small preliminary compatibility test.

Hereunder we can observe the recommended order of introduction of products in the treatment tank: