Research & development

In CULTIFORT, we are committed to chemical excellence in our products, achieving highly concentrated formulas with great stability and assimilation, as well as the maximum rigor in all procedures of the company.

Our product range is under constant improvement and development. CULTIFORT is also committed to biological and physiological excellence in our products, having the solution to the constantly evolving agriculture problems as ultimate goal.

CULTIFORT counts with research programs (R+D+i), both internally and in collaboration with Spanish universities and research centers.

In CULTIFORT, we are committed to R&D, we have several programs to develop new organic products for the agriculture and to improve our current products, both internally and through collaboration with Spanish universities.

CULTIFORT is oriented to solve plant nutrition problems, control of determined physiopathies and alterations related to an improper crop management, as well as seasonal production deficiencies.

All our product range has passed through an exhaustive research process for the improvement of plant nutrition, control, development and manufacture, following the highest quality standards.