The development of the fruit is a period that begins with fruit set and ends with maturity. This stage can last from 1 to 7 months depending on species. In this article we describe the advantages of applying FERTRAZ FRUIT during the first phases of this period.

The fruit set is a transition phase of the ovary from the flower to the developing fruit, and takes place a few days after the floral opening. The ovary begins its development after pollination and fertilization or, in its absence, through parthenocarpy.

The fruit set depends on the position of the ovaries, since those located better in the tree will have a greater nutritional and hormonal contribution and, therefore, will have more probabilities of curdling.

Freshly set peach fruit

The first stage of the fruit development is characterized by the fall of a high percentage of the fruits. It is the so-called physiological fruit fall. In this first phase there is a rapid growth of the fruit caused by cell division, in which the carbohydrates are consumed to nourish the processes of duplication of the genetic material. Cell division is a process that demands a lot of energy.

During the first phase of growth all tissues increase their number of cells, and the joint action of all of them is what makes the fruit demand energy. The contribution of carbohydrates during its development is, therefore, crucial. If the plant is not able to satisfy this need, the fruit loses its growth rate and falls away from it.

All the fruits that reach the second phase will continue their development until maturation. During development, vital functions of respiration, transpiration and photosynthesis continue to be performed. The growth of the fruit is due to cell division and thickening (weight and volume increase).

Adequate levels of phosphorus and potassium are of vital importance during these stages.

On the one hand, phosphorus is an essential part of the genetic material, which is why it is especially necessary at times when there are a large number of dividing cells in the plant, because in the division the genetic material is duplicated. In addition, this macronutrient plays a key role in energy metabolism, photosynthesis and respiration.

On the other hand, potassium is an activator of enzymes that intervene in the main metabolic processes such as protein synthesis, photosynthesis, as well as the transport of sugars by the plant.

FERTRAZ FRUIT is a liquid formulation of phosphorus and potassium easily assimilated, thought to apply in the first stages of the fruit set, to improve the fruits in color, size, uniformity and precocity, and therefore, the global quality.

As mentioned, phosphorus and potassium are directly related elements in the reproduction of plants, in the synthesis of proteins, carbohydrates, sugar synthesis and energy transport.

FERTRAZ FRUIT is especially indicated in fruit growing, from the curdling until a month before starting the veraison. It is also recommended in olive, vine and horticulture to improve the fruiting and quality of the fruits.