From the month of August we have a fruit with half of its final size and a bone that will harden little by little until the months of October-November, depending on the area and variety, which usually reaches its final size and begins the maturation and veraison processes.

In the months of December and January the end of the ripening stage and the change of color from green to dark purple occur: the fruit accumulates large amounts of fatty acids and this is when the harvest is carried out.

During these months, we will take special care with pests such as the olive fly or diseases such as the “Repilo” that will be installed in our crop especially in years with rainy autumns. Likewise, it will be of vital importance to carry out an adequate fertilization of our olive grove and applications with biostimulant products that reduce the influence of different stress situations that may affect the fattening and ripening of the olives.

The olive is a crop with a great capacity to absorb nutrients through foliar way, which facilitates the contribution of products rich in phosphorus and potassium to increase fat yield and production.

To this end, CULTIFORT recommends foliar applications with FERTRAZ FRUIT, our easily assimilable liquid phosphorus and potassium formulation that will improve the olive considerably in size, precocity and uniformity.

The effectiveness of the treatments of fattening of the olive will be greater if they are complemented with treatments with amino acids like FOLITON or our 88.8% richness emulsion of marine algae, CULTIMAR plus.

In years in which the appearance of “Repilo” is expected, we recommend making treatments with CUVIOL plus and SPIRALIS Long Life and reducing the dose of the fungicides in half, with a view to achieving greater resistance to this fungus and reducing the stress that these treatments entail .

Finally, and focused on improving the results of phytosanitary and nutritional treatments, with NEUTROpHORT plus we will benefit from three mechanisms of action in a single product: pH regulation, stimulation of metabolism and wetting and coadjuvant power.

We will not forget the inestimable importance of a campaign with adequate rainfall, which together with the choice of appropriate treatments will fill us with successes and good harvests.