The persimmon (Diospyros kaki) is a tropical species of tree from the Ebenaceae family, belonging to Asia. Its fruit, the persimmon, is an edible orange berry with a very sweet taste. it must be harvested while ripe at the time of its consumption.

The persimmon is a very demanding crop when it comes to organic materials. Its yield should happen during winter to favor the development of the soil’s microbe flora, to foster a growth in the foliar surface and the fruit caliber.

During summer it’s recommended to fertilize with compost rich in nitrogen ammonia and nitric base, to make the plant absorb it for a long period. it’s important never exceeding the nitrogen intake because it will dimish the fruit quality and will stop providing nitrogenated compost, from June until mid-august, so it won’t alter the fruit harvesting during the natural thinning period. You will get good results with some applications of stabilized nitrogen.

During the summer season, the persimmon requires huge intakes of potassium, without exceeding, because it could diminish the calcium absorption impacting the firmness and conservation of the fruits.

To reach the optimum maturation point it’s convenient applying a chelated nutrient for the maturation, to homogenize the gestation of all the fruits and resulting in even cultivation.

In Cultifort we have an efficient solution, without leaving residues and proven by many years of use, the FERKOLOR, by using this nutrient your crop will get many benefits for the cultivation of persimmon, among them:

  • Improves the sugar content
  • Improves the fruit’s skin quality and consistency
  • Increases the resistance against aging
  • Highlights the own colors of maturation
  • Increases the crop yield

It’s recommended to apply   FERKOLOR  while the fruit is changing its color. It can be applied over the foliage, as well over the radicular, a dose of 300-500 cc/hl if it’s applied on the foliage and 100-120 l/ha, distributed through the fruit’s development and maturation if it’s applied over the radicular.

By applying FERKOLOR you’ll get the best firmness the fruit can provide as well as an improved yield, it also improves its behavior post-harvesting.