Fruit development

Specific features

FASKOLOR is a liquid formulation with potassium, organic acids and selected peptidic complexes, which special balance provides a notorious improvement in the earliness and quality of the fruit.


The potassium included in FASKOLOR acts in the fruit maturation stage, besides, FASKOLOR adds a selection of peptidic complexes that enhance physiological cycles of fruit development and maturation and a special formulation of organic acids, which improve nutrient transport within the plant.

FASKOLOR achieves all these notorious effects in a nutritional way, without any hormone.

Application and dose

FASKOLOR application is recommended in crops appreciated by their fruits, especially when an early and uniform fruit maturation is required or in varieties in which fruit coloration can be difficult.

Foliar application: 250 – 400 cc/HI

Root application 3 – 5 l/Ha