The oranges of the sanguine group comprise a series of varieties with a mutation that activates the synthesis of anthocyanins, which gives them their characteristic red color. For the synthesis of anthocyanins to be satisfactory, it is necessary that a series of specific climatic conditions are met, being the most important the thermal amplitude between day and night. However, these conditions are not always met and often the fruits have an insufficient red coloration for market standards.

FASKOLOR is a liquid formulation of potassium, organic acids and selected peptide complexes. It has been specially designed to accelerate the specific physiological cycles of fruit ripening, achieving a more uniform and advanced color.

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: Foliar application of 350 cc / hl, treating at 45, 30 and 15 days before the expected date of harvest or 2-4 applications during maturation.

NOTE: FASKOLOR can be applied together with growth regulators such as ABA or Etefón, to improve its effects. Although with FASKOLOR you can minimize and replace the application of these.