From Cultifort we advise the application of specific products to enhance the caliber and the quality of them.

During this fattening phase we recommend the following applications:

MICROVITAL-L is a liquid fertilizer with magnesium, microelements and high concentration in Flavonoid molecules, with certification (CAAE). It was obtained after an arduous task of research to offer an innovative product that is different from those existing in the market based on humic materials.

BVC 2021 of Cultifort, is a biostimulant that applied via foliar has a fast effect and great penetration, due to the powerful synergy of its composition based on amino acids with nitrogen and an organic combination formed by marine algae, vitamins and reducing sugars. When it is used during fruiting, the quality of the fruits increases and the ripening progresses.

FERTRAZ FRUIT presents high percentages of phosphorus and potassium easily assimilated, which improve the resistance to summer drought, promote the synthesis of carbohydrates and proteins necessary to reach optimal levels of sugars and obtain fruits with better coloration, size, uniformity and precocity.

This is how the variety Cultifort looks like when following the suggested recommendations.