Early Clementine

Agriculture has an important  weight among the various activities in which Cultifort as a company is involved and also within the holding.

The agriculture is framed in the Rústicas Rea society.

Cultifort discovered in 1998 a new and interesting variety of Early Clementina, which was baptized with the same name of the company.

The fruit has a good size, slightly oblated, it is homogeneous and easily peeled.

The pulp is thin and deliquescent.

It has lots of juice and the taste is aromatic and very pleasing to the palate as a result of proper link between sugars and acids.

It is parthenocarpic, so it lacks of seeds.

The color of the fruit is vivid and uniform in the ripeness. The fruit shows an excellent performance in the degreening chambers and in cold storage.

Ripening date: from September 15th to October 20th.

The fruit characteristics and the ripening date, leads to the conclusion that this is an original variety and therefore different from all hitherto known.

The earliness time of harvest and its quality, make of Cultifort a fruit with a great commercial and strategic appeal.