CULTIFORT in LEVANTE-El Mercantil Valenciano

The newspaper LEVANTE-El Mercantil Valenciano, in its 25.03.2018 edition published a report about our company and family. We want to share with you the joy of being in the market for 35 years and the illusion of continuing to develop the work started by our CEO, Sir...

Cultifort among the innovative mandarines

We are proud that Cultifort is among the innovative mandarines that are being tested in Murcia. http://www.freshplaza.es/article/110079/Espa%C3%B1a-Ensayan-en-Murcia-con-nuevas-variedades-de-mandarino-y-naranja

Cultifort Conference

Cultifort, together with our Malaga distributor and several collaborating companies, offered a talk about our solutions for problems in the cultivation of mango and avocado. The event was very well received, bringing together about one hundred...