Amino acids are constituent elementary units of proteins. They are absorbed through the living tissues of the plant, independently of photosynthesis, creating a source of an easily absorbable organic nitrogen.

Amino acids translocate in 24 hours throughout the plant, quickly forming new tissues. Their presence eases absorption and transportation of other nutrients, both macro and microelements.

Calcium intervenes in cell growth, nutrient absorption, carbohydrate and protein transport. It is essential in the stability of cell membranes, contributing to its rigidity due to a part of the absorbed calcium being fixed on the cell walls. It is also important in the breathing activity of plants.

It is carried by the xylem, with the perspiration current, towards the shoot apex.

It is almost required to ensure its correct absorption, in the initial stages of fruit growth, when cell multiplication takes place.

It is advisable to apply sprays that provide calcium directly to leaves and fruits, or through its roots.

Calcium is transported to the points of greatest growth.

The blend of amino acids and calcium allows rapid absorption and transport of this element through the plant, improving its overall behavior, resulting in fruits of greater overall quality and firmness.

AMINOPLEX CALCIO fulfills all these characteristics, delivering a bio stimulant with great versatility.

It can be applied both by root and foliar. By root, with a dose of 10-12l/ha monthly applications, from flowering and until the fruiting period is covered and accomplish the 40-60 l/Ha.

Via foliar, it can be applied a dose of 0.3-0.4%, during the fruiting period. Several applications must be made.

This can be applied to all types of crops, except plum tree.