Amino acids are organic molecules that are part of proteins, playing a key role in most biological processes. There are also many other non-protein amino acids with physiological and metabolic functions.

The amino acids in plants are synthesized from the nitrogen absorbed by the roots, through a process that involves a high energy expenditure.

This expenditure of energy is critical in situations of stress (drought, illness, abrupt temperature variations, etc.), circumstances in which more free amino acids are needed, these contents can increase up to 100 times.

The natural synthesis of large amounts of free amino acids decreases the formation of proteins, negatively affecting the growth of the plant. For this reason, the application of peptides and free amino acids in the plant favors all the processes in which the proteins intervene.

In Cultifort we have a complete range of biostimulants with free amino acids, peptides and polypeptides, of recognized acceptance and assimilation in the market. These are: BVC 2021, AMINOFORT, AMACOL, FOLITON and CULTIFORT AM.

The free amino acids contained in these biostimulants act on the vigor of the plant; They make crops resistant and address the challenges they face such as extreme temperatures, lack of water, salinity and other types of stress related to climate change. In this way its performance is optimized.

In addition to promoting the resilience of the plant, these biostimulants are characterized by:

  • Have a rapid absorption, translocation and metabolization
  • They facilitate the absorption of phytosanitary products and nutrients
  • They act as catalysts of protein synthesis
  • Peptides form a permeable layer that serves as a support for pesticides and water stress.


BVC 2021: because of its complete composition it is the star biostimulant of Cultifort. It is an emulsion of algae with amino acids, nitrogen and reducing sugars. This composition gives it a great versatility, being able to be applied in any development stage of the plant.

AMINOFORT: this is a formulation based on amino acids of animal origin. It is used during decisive moments of the plant development to stimulate rooting such as; after transplant, at the beginning of vegetative activity, in pre-flowering and fruit setting, during fruiting.

AMACOL: This formulation has free amino acids from the food industry and reducing sugars, which provide energy and facilitate the assimilation of nutrients by the plant. AMACOL stimulates all the stages of plant development.

FOLITON: It is a solution with free amino acids of animal origin of rapid assimilation by the plant. Its characteristics make it especially recommendable in the recovery of crops affected by phytotoxicity, low temperatures, hail, strong winds, drought, etc. and in the physiological stimulation in the different phases of the crop.

CULTIFORT AM: is a solution with a high concentration of free amino acids from the hydrolysis of vegetable proteins (11% w / w). Its broad aminogram facilitates the different physiological functions on the plant.