The success of peppers lies in the fact that it is a crop with three consumption destinations: fresh peppers, paprika and canned peppers.
It is a crop that has greatly increased its production in Spain, given the demand for fresh peppers throughout the year from European markets.

The demand for fresh peppers throughout the year in European markets has increased spectacularly, resulting in the development of greenhouse cultivation along the Spanish Mediterranean coast.

In Spain, it is the third most produced vegetable, with around 1.46 thousand tons.


It is worth mentioning that in recent seasons there have been lags in production in the main production areas (Almeria and Murcia) by regulatory measures due to the restriction of certain agrochemical disinfectants and phyto-regulators, which is raising prices in certain periods and therefore encouraging their production and adaptation to organic certifications.

In this sense, and taking into account both the aforementioned regulatory policies and the physiological policies of the crop to be taken into account, Cultifort is working on the development of correctors and biostimulants of metabolic pathways (precursors) under certification and adaptation policy in organic agriculture for the optimization of production performance and therefore obtaining a remarkable return on investment.

Thus, we could highlight the participation in germination processes, soil adaptation, vegetative growth, flowering and fruiting and even in the alleviation of both abiotic and biotic stress associated with management, climatic conditions or fungal incidents.

Under this premise, products such as: BVC 2021 stand out due to the great wealth of variants in its composition, positioning this formula as a powerful tool adapted to have a positive impact on each and every one of the key phenological phases of the solanaceous crop.

It is a formulation that seeks the joint action of specifically selected amino acids, nitrogen and reducing sugars to have a polyvalent effect on different phenological phases, favoring the synthesis of proteins and carbohydrates, which makes it suitable as a promoter of the beginning of the plant’s physiological activity, stimulating the formation of leaves and flowers, improving the quality of the fruit and providing precocity in the ripening phase.
On the other hand, it increases resistance to low temperatures and adverse weather conditions, a key factor for fruit set and fruit set phenologies.

What does BVC 2021 contain?

BVC 2021 contains seaweed emulsions, carotenes, mineral salts, vitamins, essential oils, proteins, traces of cytokinin; essential for cell division and formation of new tissues.

Formation of new tissues and has an important role in processes such as:
– Protein synthesis, having influence on apical dominance.
– Multifactorial control in flowering.
– Delaying leaf senescence.
– Ripening and fruit coloration.