The winter artichoke is a crop that can suffer damage due to low temperatures, reducing its production. In addition, the cold slows down the development of the crop, so that there is a delay in the harvest and the first few harvests are not very abundant.

In this sense, we are carrying out a trial with BVC 2021 and FERKOLOR in the artichoke crop in 2015 with the aim of checking the anti-stress effects and the potential for accelerating plant development and increasing production. Both present a high synergy.

For this purpose, healthy artichoke plants were selected, of the cold-sensitive variety Blanca de Tudela.

The treatment carried out was BVC 2021 at 200 cc/hl together with FERKOLOR at 500 cc/Hl (T2). Applied to a strip of plants, in the centre of the plot. In the rest of the plot these products were not applied, so it was taken as an untreated control (T1).

During the month of February and until mid-March, the mature flower heads of 20 treatment plants and 20 control plants were taken, and the total number of heads was weighed.

The results showed that with the application of BVC 2021 + FERKOLOR the following benefits are obtained:

  • An acceleration of the crop, giving some first harvesting passes as good as those obtained by the witness when it is already in full production.
  • More uniform productions.
  • A higher total number of parts per cycle, and with a higher weight, which results in a higher production.
  • By obtaining more production in early passes, higher prices can be obtained.

BVC 2021, the star biostimulant of Cultifort, has a complete and interesting composition, based on free amino acids, nitrogen, potassium, marine algae and reducing sugars. This composition makes it a very versatile product that offers multiple possibilities of use in all the phenological states of the crop: stimulation of the sprouts, induction of the flowering, fruit setting and fattening.

In artichoke, BVC 2021 promotes the synthesis of proteins and carbohydrates and promotes the start of the plant’s physiological activity, stimulates the formation of leaves and flowers, advances ripening and increases resistance to low temperatures and adverse weather conditions.


The following Cultifort treatments, as a complement to the basic fertilizer with NPK that must be administered to the artichoke, will contribute to its balanced nutrition. We emphasize, in the first place, the application of a biostimulant with amino acids like BVC 2021 for the good development of the crop. Secondly, corrective treatments for calcium deficiencies are important to prevent physiopathies and loss of compaction of the flower heads.